Redefining Urban Living

In the nascent stages of the project’s design, Moshe Sadfie, the architect of Habitat 67, scoured toy stores across Montreal to purchase LEGO bricks to help with his original vision

The Habitat 67 structure is not only one of the most iconic pieces of Montreal architecture, but truly one of the most iconic pieces of modern Canadian architecture. Alongside Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome which now stands as the Biodome, it is one of two remaining creations from Montreal’s famed 1967 World Expo. SLUG’s Nicole Gent, of Balgonie, Saskatchewan, was inspired following a recent trip visiting relatives in Montreal, and has managed a faithful recreation of the structure in microscale, and it does a wonderful job of capturing the intricacy and detail of its counterpart.

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Canada’s Grand Railway Hotels – The Royal York Hotel

When completed in 1929, the Royal York Hotel (now Fairmont Royal York Hotel) was the tallest building in the British Empire

As Canada’s railways were constructed following Confederation in 1867, people riding those rails needed places to stay.  Railway companies began constructing hotels at or near their train stations, using what is now referred to as a chateau-style or ‘chateauesque’ style of architecture. Jeff Van Winden (jeffvw) from WHaCKoLuG has put together a fabulous micro build of the Royal York Hotel, Toronto’s Grand Railway Hotel, and for a ‘microscale’ model, this building is anything but micro!

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