Dinner time
A truly iconic Canadian meal – the origins of bagged milk date back to 1967, though this site does not recommend the consumption of any 1967 ‘vintage’ bagged milk

Though not necessarily true everywhere in Canada, one iconic staple of Canadian food culture is that milk is often packaged and sold in bags. Matthew Sklar (sklar) has built a bag of milk in a milk jug, complete with some other very iconic Canadian cuisine – a box of Kraft Dinner instant macaroni and cheese, as well as a large stick of butter.

Bagged milk is said to be more typical in Eastern parts of Canada, but can certainly be found all across the country. Bags of milk usually contain 1 and 1/3 litres of milk, and come in packs of three to make 4 litres total.

Much of the history of the milk bag is tied in with Canada’s conversion to the metric system, in which some manufacturers who were looking to switch from glass bottles decided that plastic bags were easily re-sizable and also more durable than glass.

Matthew’s respect for Canada’s bilingual heritage shines through here, as he has managed to integrate the French word for milk – lait – on the milk jug itself. The text on the Butter stick and the details on the KD are also very much on point, and makes the whole build instantly identifiable as Canadian!

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