The Canada Goose

Honk honk honk

Though not an official national symbol. the Canada Goose holds a unique place in Canadian history and identity as one of our most ubiquitous animals – and of course, it doesn’t hurt that it has the name Canada in the name. Noel Straatsma of Barrie, Ontario has managed to put together a pretty pair of life-sized models (with a nice little flag for a background) that took over 20 hours for him to design and build.

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A Beacon on the Water

You can almost smell the salt-air rising up from the waves crashing on the rocks in this build.. or is that the scent coming off of the beard of the lighthouse keeper?

With the Canadian motto of a mare usque ad mare,  translated as from sea to sea, it should come as no surprise that lighthouses would play a prominent role in defining Canadian identity. Canada’s history is one tied deeply with mariners, fishermen, and sea travelers, so it is no wonder then that Rocco Nufrio of ToroLUG decided to build this beautiful little diorama.  The style of the building itself is quite engaging, but it is the landscape that really brings the piece together, and the pair of seagulls, circling the beacon suspended by two transparent arms, is also a very nice touch!

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Newfoundland’s Currency

Cod Fishing
Though now some may speak of oil, cod was so important to the economy of Newfoundland for so many centuries that it was sometime referred to as ‘Newfoundland Currency.”

For centuries the Atlantic cod provided a way of life for Canadians.  Jeff Lee of ToroLUG (dr_spock_888) has built a model of a small cod fishing trawler, which captures the essence of what sustained the people of Newfoundland, and much of Canada, for so much of its history. Even the water has a feel that calls out to Canada’s cool Atlantic coast.

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