Your eyes are not deceiving you – that is a White Trillium made from LEGO – with the long white ‘leaves’ made from LEGO sails.

Full marks to Jared Rosenblitt of ToroLUG for presentation on this build, delicately laid out over a Canadian flag, with a smaller, LEGO brick built flag standing upright next to it. The white trillium is the provincial flower of Ontario, and as an Ontarian, Jared is certainly showing his pride at both a provincial and federal level with this build! The sails are of course an outstanding way to find a less typical LEGO piece and use it in a non-conventional way. Even the shaping on the green leaves is phenomenal, and instantly recognizable.

The trillium grows from a rhizome underground, and their seeds are most often dispersed by ants, causing the flowers to spread their growth underneath the canopies of forests.The trillium blossoms across North America and in parts of Asia, and is known by other names around the world such as the wakerobin, triflower, birthroot, and birthwort.

Trilliums are very fragile, and picking one often leads to it’s quick death. This has resulted in laws in many parts of the world making it illegal to pick trilliums without the permission of the land-owner – or in the case of Ontario, where it is the provincial flower, it is illegal to injure or pick a trillium, and is subject to a provincial fine of not less than $500 (that would make for one expensive bouquet of one dozen trilliums!)

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