The Beaver, Our National Animal

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Jason Alleman’s mechanized beaver, with a smaller beaver model built beside it. Instructions for both of these models can be found on his website,

The lowly beaver has strong roots to Canadian history, and over time, the world’s second-largest rodent has established itself firmly as the national animal, and one fo the most prominent symbols for Canada. How fitting that Jason Alleman of JK Brickworks and ParLUGment decided to pay tribute to Canada by building a mechanized version of the beaver, complete with chomping teeth and smacking tail.

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Newfoundland’s Currency

Cod Fishing
Though now some may speak of oil, cod was so important to the economy of Newfoundland for so many centuries that it was sometime referred to as ‘Newfoundland Currency.”

For centuries the Atlantic cod provided a way of life for Canadians.  Jeff Lee of ToroLUG (dr_spock_888) has built a model of a small cod fishing trawler, which captures the essence of what sustained the people of Newfoundland, and much of Canada, for so much of its history. Even the water has a feel that calls out to Canada’s cool Atlantic coast.

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A Great Way to Break the Ice

The Canadian Coast Guard Ship light icebreakers currently in service are lead by the CCGS Martha L. Black, which is named after the renowned “first lady of the Yukon,” who was the second woman ever nominated to Canadian Parliament

One of Canada’s points of pride is our ability to not only endure cold weather, but to embrace and conquer the cold.  Although it is estimated that over 75 percent of Canada’s population lives within 160km of the border with the USA, there is still a great deal of the population that lives in the far north.  In order to serve these northern communities who are often isolated in frozen environments, the Canadian Coast Guard has a fleet of icebreakers stationed across the east coast, including: Ontario; Quebec; Nova Scotia; and Newfoundland and Labrador.Adam Dodge of SLUG (and one of the coordinators of the Canada Buidls 150 project) has assembled a wonderful vignette that really makes you feel the icy environs surrounding it.

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