Birds of a Feather

Black Capped Chickadee and Stellar's Jay

Saskatchewan’s Waylon Klix is at it again with a pair of ornithological wonders! Just one look at these two little birds make them instantly recognizable as a chickadee and a jay – and the two are indeed rather iconic birds in the field (or trees, perhaps?) of Canadian fauna. The use of sloping bricks in shaping the birds is excellent, and the colouring is spot on. And the beaks are completed to great effect, with the small chicakdee bill being a particular stand-out.

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Splendour Without Diminishment

Splendor Sine Occasu (translation in the title), the motto of British Columbia that appears on the provincial Coat of Arms, not only refers to the natural beauty of the province, but also references the province’s strong ties to it’s British heritage, with the sun never setting on the British Empire.

Home of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, the B.C. Parliament Buildings can be found in the province’s capital of Victoria. Waylon Klix from SLUG (Saskatchewan LEGO User Group) felt compelled to prove true the province’s motto by capturing the timeless beauty of the Neo-Baroque building in micro-scale – a feat captured by Waylon’s use of variations of gray that seem to add a sense of history to the LEGO model.

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