Hi there!

Welcome to Canada Builds 150!

If you are here, then you probably already know a bit about the project – but if you didn’t, here’s a quick summary:

The goal is to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday by building 150 (or more!) MOCs based on what makes Canada Canada – be they silly, sombre, proud, humble, or even apologetic.

This website is going to be the focus for hosting not just images of the MOCs, but also detailed information about why the topic of that MOC is important to Canada’s identity. Hopefully, this website will become robust enough with great Canadian facts that it can become a resource for educators, students, and Canadiana nerds across the country!

So how can you, the Canadian AFOL, get involved?

With the collaboration of AFOLs from coast to coast to coast, (a mari usque ad mare, if you will) we are hoping to bring the nation together one brick at a time by building all-new MOCs – that’s right, we want every MOC to make their debut in 2017!

Please keep in mind is the timeline – as we are looking to publish roughly three models per week throughout the year, I ask you to think of which month in the year you think you’d be able to contribute a finished product.

So if you are interested, you can check out the list of concepts and see what you may be interested in building, and when you think you can deliver. Your build can be as simple or as complex as you’d like it to be – it can be a solo build, or a collaboration with others.

Note that you don’t have to interpret a concept in an entirely literal fashion. In fact, for some builds, a more symbolic interpretation may be more appropriate – for example, if you were to select the Liberation of the Netherlands, perhaps a single tulip would suffice as an adequate representation.

So the steps are:

  1. Pick an available concept from the list by placing your name, LUG, and contact info next to the build
  2. Commit to a timeline of when you are going to have it completed
  3. Build your MOC – MOC can be of any size/style, provided it is completed by the timeline
  4. Either email me high quality photos of the build or post it on Flickr and email me a link

The team at Canada Builds 150 does not want to limit the artistic style of any builders, but we do reserve the right to not publish MOCs if we feel that they have been completed in a way that may be construed as insensitive. This is especially true for specific subjects that may require special sensitivity/consideration.

If you have any questions, or any suggestions on additions to the list of things to build, please email me at graeme@canadabuilds150.ca and let me know!

Happy building!